Thursday, May 17, 2007 Texas Congressman Ron Paul Hopes to Garner Support for Presidential Bid with Internet, Debates

(via Associated Press)

“With only $525,000 in the bank and Paul's congressional schedule to work around, the campaign is more limited than that of the top three, McCain, Giuliani and Romney.

But Paul says he doesn't see the financial disparity as insurmountable.

"The one advantage I have is, they think money grows on trees and they treat it like that," Paul said. "They act like big government themselves."

While many view Paul's campaign as quixotic, Paul said Republican voters are frustrated with the war and with a GOP that is becoming less strident in its opposition to large government.

The libertarian movement, he said, is "much further along than it was 20 years ago. A lot more people are involved. I think it's a very attractive philosophy to young people ... and that's where the enthusiasm comes from."

And Paul, a self-described skeptic, said that even he has begun to believe he can win.

"I don't think you could do this if you didn't believe it was a possibility," he said. "But I'm also a realist too. I know what needs to happen. But sometimes those people who think they know the future don't really know the future.

"I think we're getting their attention, and that to me is exciting."”