Friday, May 11, 2007

Lou Minatti Sees Stupid People

Lou Minatti appropriately juxtaposes an image of the kool-aid man with a discussion of Ron Paul's fans.

He's right about at least one thing: the mainstream media are not "conspiring" against Paul. They mostly show us what we're willing to pay to hear, see, or read. And since the vast majority of media consumers have no idea who Ron Paul even is (he still polls at < 1%, post-debate), they couldn't care less about him. Heck, most people wouldn't pay to read about Ron Paul even if they did know who he was.

Even so, as Radley Balko wrote in Ron Paul, The Real Republican (, 2007-02-20): "Paul's presence in the race is important because he'll put issues on the table that would otherwise be completely ignored."

It was indeed hilarious to watch the other candidates scramble to revise and clarify their remarks in support of a national ID card after Paul came out against it. And I don't think anyone ever expected the final two words of a Republican debate to be "habeas corpus".

After a performance like that, I can forgive Paul for having a bunch of over-zealous supporters. Where's that kool-aid jar again? I'm thirsty.