Sunday, June 17, 2007

Brad Porter on the importance of Ron Paul's campaign

Brad Porter at the Crossed Pond explains why Ron Paul's campaign is so important:
Anyway, that I’m in it is obviously something of a thrill, but I think what I’m most pleased about is the article itself, and that reporters and papers out there are beginning to raise their eyebrows to the Paul campaign and its surprising, bubbling strength. The reason I gave the money, and what Vargas got at exactly, is not just because I want Ron Paul to win (though, of course, I do), but because I feel his message is so vitally important at this point in American political history that anything I can do in whatever small way to help amplify it, to get it just a little bit louder and with just a little farther reach, I’m thankful to do. More than thankful, I’m grateful. Shamelessly, breathlessly grateful. It’s not been so often, in the last several years, that the liberty message has found much purchase, that we’ve had the opportunity to throw our support behind somebody who champions it so humbly, so diligently, so forcefully. And, so necessarily. I don’t mean to take that opportunity for granted. I consider us to be lucky beyond measure that we’ve gotten it at all.

For the record I DO think Ron Paul can win. I think that his is the ultimate American message, the ultimate positive, uniting thrust of what the entire political experiment of this country is about. I think Dr. Paul finally brings out of the cellar and into the light what freedom really, truly means, how it’s practiced, and how vigilant we have to remain to protect it.

Two months ago, if you had asked me if Ron Paul had a chance at the nomination, I would have talked about how he SHOULD have a chance, in a perfect world, but how he probably won’t, given the disgraceful state of today’s Republican party, and how uninterested it often seems in its own legacy, its own principles.

Now, though, anything seems possible.

But what I wanted to convey, and what Vargas intuitively understood, is that to me (and, I suspect, to Paul), whatever the fate of the campaign, win or lose, what’s important is that message. America needs to hear it. America deserves to hear it. America is lucky, blessed to hear it.

Let’s help Ron Paul make sure it gets out there.