Wednesday, June 6, 2007

MSNBC: Ron Paul interviewed by Tucker Carlson, June 6 2007

TUCKER CARLSON: It isn't easy standing alone as one of the last, true small-government conservatives in today's Republican Party. Even your colleages are apt to call you names: eccentric, odd, crazy. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas doesn't seem to care. He was at it again last night at the Presidential primary debate in New Hampshire, reminding his party and the country what it used to mean to be a Republican. In previous debates, Dr. Paul has gone after front-runner Rudy Giuliani and his lack of foreign policy experience. He even gave the former mayor a homework assignment on what he and the CIA see as the true causes of terrorism and ill-will toward America. Some were offended; to others, Ron Paul rose instantly to the level of folk hero. He himself joins us now. We are glad to welcome from Capital Hill, physician, presidential hopeful, and Republican congressman, Ron Paul.

CARLSON: I hope you can come on regularly just for a tutorial on what it means to be free, Dr. Paul.