Friday, June 8, 2007

This is Poignant

Arlen Parsa tries to dissaude progressives from supporting Ron Paul but, as usual, it just ends up making Paul look better.

In an effort to refute them, Parsa quotes several blog comments from progressives who were inspired by Ron Paul:
  • "[No politicians] are going to “do” any of what they promise. At least it’s a relief to hear someone tell the truth."
  • "[Paul] inspired me. Not for a political view or an issue, but because he conveys what he thinks in an articulate, thoughtful, and consistent manner - something we saw none of in the other candidates last night, and something I wish we saw more of in our own candidates. "
Parsa tries to lure them back by telling them how much America needs all the federal programs that Paul doesn't support. But it rings hollow. There's something deeper in their yearning for someone honest and principled that Parla's plea just can't reach.